Cut flowers

Ellen Akerboom


Several varieties of the Double Ellen® series are available for as cutflowers.

Double Ellen® Red Cutflower
Double Ellen® White Cutflower
Double Ellen® Pink Cutflower
Double Ellen® Picotee Cutflower

The Double Ellen® Cutflower varieties have sturdy long stems. The length is between 35 and 50 cm, depending on the ripeness of the crop.

Because of the extra petals that the Double Ellen® varieties have, they retain their ornamental value for a long time, even out of bloom.

Our Double Ellen® are vigorous and usually flower the first year after planting. After a few years You will have a beautiful plant that can easily give 20 flower branches.



Shelf life is a concern with Helleborus for cutting. Branches can go limp quickly when put inside. Despite that , it is a popular product with florists.

Always use Florissant 830, this has a positive effect on shelf life. It helps to harvest riper (the first flowers colored through). Branches are then less soft and easier to keep.



Helleborus for cutting can be grown in a cold greenhouse or roller greenhouse. Outdoors, possibly under shade cloth is also possible.