Planting tips

Planting tips

Plant Helleborus in partial shade in a spot that is not too dry. A little more sun is also possible, provided the plant is not too dry.

Helleborus likes humus-rich soil, use extra compost in the planting hole when planting.

We are a breeding and wholesale company, so it is not possible for private individuals  to buy plants.

On request it is possible for groups to visit our company. Please send an email to

Attention! It is not possible to pay with your credit card at the nursery.

Plants are available online at

Starting the last weekend of February, there will be Helleborus sales every weekend at Morning Glory Nursery in Aalsmeer. They sell specially selected plants from our nursery. Look for the exact dates on the site of Morning Glory Nursery.

Morning Glory Nursery
Noordpolderweg 6, 1432 JH Aalsmeer

Morning Glory Nursery

Other sales addresses


Plantentuin Esveld
Rijneveld 72
2771 XS Boskoop
The Netherlands


Liesbeth Lamme
Middenweg 126 B
1394 AN Nederhorst den Berg
The Netherlands


Groencentrum Freek van der Wal
Damsterweg 22-A
9628 BT Siddeburen
The Netherlands


Kwekerij Bastin
Nieuwenhuysstraat 29
6336 XV Hulsberg
The Netherlands

Marni’s kwekerij
Kloosterweg 9
6241 GA Bunde
The Netherlands


Jan Spruyt-van der Jeugd
Mostenveld 30

Vaste planten Verhulst
Delmerensmolenstraat 5
8700 Aarsele-Tielt

Kapelstraat 28A
3950 Bochteld

Kwekerij de Boever
Bredeweg 61
9850 Deinze